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Combining functional strength training with pelvic floor health, Meghan empowers women to stay active, strong and confident in their movements during pregnancy and
postpartum recovery. Find her in the Nike Training Club app.

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Studio Offerings

Consultations, private training, and small-group classes!
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One-time assessments where you'll learn how to improve body awareness, pelvic floor, and core connection. Whether pregnant or postpartum, you'll learn the foundation to movement so you can apply these techniques to your workouts and daily moments of life. Connect with your core in ways you never have before.

Private Training

Customized programs tailored to your specific needs in your pregnancy + postpartum recovery. Optimize your fitness program so you can train safer and smarter while minimizing the risk of injury during pregnancy, protect your core and pelvic floor, and return to fitness postpartum without setbacks.

Group Fitness

Combining strength training with pelvic floor health, move with confidence in these safe yet challenging 60-minute, full-body workouts that focus on core, mobility, and strength. Classes limited to 6 women.


Calling all new Moms! Before you jump back into fitness, build your foundation in this special series dedicated to the newly postpartum woman. Rebuild your core, increase mobility, regain strength, improve posture, and connect with other new Moms. Learn more!

TFB Group Class Schedule


I completely trust Meghan with my body, which has changed so much after having my first baby and I’m now pregnant with my second. After a couple sessions I’m hooked, because I realized how much I didn’t know about my postnatal body and how important it is to workout in a way that rebuilds my body today yet still supports the muscles that I’ll need to rely upon during my next labor. I already know that my next birth (and recovery) is going to improve because of the work I’m doing with Meghan. I feel stronger and much happier knowing that I’m not just working out, but I’m working out in a way that’s right for my ever-changing body.

- Koty M.

Meghan is an exceptional prenatal/postpartum trainer. She's incredibly professional, knowledgeable, warm, funny and encouraging. Meghan truly listens and observes and tailors the workouts to whatever is needed. I came to her with a host of postpartum issues and she built a special program with my physical therapist to get me back to my pilates and spin classes. I don't know what I would have done without her support and training those first few months… She helped me get my body back and I cannot recommend her enough to any pregnant ladies or new moms!

- Kate M.

I have love love LOVED working with Meghan through my second pregnancy and now postpartum.  Meghan’s knowledge and heart come through with every interaction.  She provides a warm and welcoming space for women of all fitness levels to gain strength while reconnecting with their bodies.

- Erin D.

Meghan's motivation and training has made a world of difference for me after having my baby! I tried other workout mommy and me groups before her, and I have been especially impressed by Meghan's focus on rebuilding a woman's body with workouts that are challenging, yet safe and fun for both mommy and baby! Meghan not only helps you build strength, but she also helps you rebuild your body in all the ways you need to after carrying a baby for 9 months and then delivering them.

- Kamila P.

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As a personal trainer, it wasn't until my own pregnancy that I realized there were few options in my city for strength training when it came to pre + post natal fitness. That's why I built Trimester Fit Body! 

Hi, I'm Meghan
- Nike Trainer
- Pre & Post Natal Specialist
- Diastasis Recti & Core Consultant
- Mama to Natalie & Hailey

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