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Pre & Postnatal Fitness

TFB is a specialized pre & postnatal workout program helping women stay active and fit throughout their pregnancy and life postpartum.

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Based in Santa Monica, train 1:1 at a private gym, in-home, or outdoors. Small group classes are held at Palisades Park.

First small-group class $25
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Fit Pregnancy

Built to maintain a strong, healthy body throughout pregnancy, circuit workouts are customized to each trimester and incorporate a mix of weights, resistance bands, and specific core exercises to properly prepare you for birth.

Body After Baby

BYOB: Bring Your Own Baby! Your baby plays while you workout. Workouts are a mix of cardio, corrective exercises that rebuild the pelvic floor and deep core muscles, while strengthening the entire body with an emphasis on the posterior chain. *Must be 6 weeks PP to attend


Target your core post birth in this 45-minute class intended for all Mamas. Learn how to reconnect with your core, strengthen your pelvic floor, & deepen your core connection. Whether you had a vaginal birth or C-Section, have diastasis recti and/or any pelvic floor dysfunctions, this class is for you.

Special Workshops

We’re working on something special for all you new Moms! Before you jump back into fitness, build your foundation in this special series dedicated to the newly postpartum woman (6wks - 12wks PP). Rebuild your core, regain strength, and connect with other new Moms. Stay tuned for dates & details!


I'm not sure how I would workout without TFB! I am a new mom and LOVE that I can bring my daughter! I really enjoy our mornings with Meghan, she has exceeded my expectations and has such great energy! She puts great circuit training workouts together and is constantly mixing it up and challenging me. She brings everything you need which is wonderful for a new mom. My daughter enjoys playing outside and getting fresh air. It really is a great start to our day and has become something I look forward to and I think my daughter does too!

- Marci P. & baby Sabina

Meghan has been an amazing trainer through my second pregnancy! After meeting with her, I discussed my concerns/goals and she has incorporated everything I wanted and given sound advice (ex: I struggled with a ton of lower back pain during my 1st pregnancy and after and her workouts and advice have eliminated all my back pain!). This pregnancy, I feel so much stronger and healthier! Thank you Meghan for giving me an added layer of strength and stamina this pregnancy. You're the best!

- Regina M.

Meghan was just what I needed post pregnancy! Not only did I want to lose the baby weight, but I wanted to get out of the house with my little one. Anything I could do with my newborn son that got me back into shape was key for me. Every session was totally different and she challenged me physically helping to regain my endurance, my balance and brought back my energy level (even with sleepless nights). Meghan showed me all the things I should do to strengthen my core and, dare I say, lift my booty ;)! I am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I may even look better than I did pre-bambino. I recommend her to all my new mama friends!

- Noelle K.

Meghan's motivation and training has made a world of difference for me after having my baby! I tried other workout mommy and me groups before her, and I have been especially impressed by Meghan's focus on rebuilding a woman's body with workouts that are challenging, yet safe and fun for both mommy and baby!  Meghan not only helps you build strength, but she also helps you rebuild your body in all the ways you need to after carrying a baby for 9 months and then delivering them.  As an added bonus, our babies have also become great friends while playing together in the park during each workout.

- Kamila P.

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As a personal trainer, it wasn't until my own pregnancy that I realized there were few options in the LA area for strength training when it came to prenatal & postnatal fitness. That's why I built TFB; for women like us! 

Hi, I'm Meghan
- Pre & Post Natal Specialist
- Wife & Mom

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