My 5 Ways to Commit to a Fit Pregnancy

Growing a human is exhausting and a workout in itself. It is easy to cave into cravings or find excuses to not move your body especially with all the hormones racing through your system. Finding motivation to keep active and healthy during pregnancy is challenging, but it can be done. 

People always say “Oh, because you’re a trainer you stayed fit during pregnancy,” and that simply isn’t true. I made a goal to commit to fitness. I promised myself, and my baby, that I would move my body every day up until my delivery and I can honestly say I achieved that goal. There were days where I needed more motivation than others, but I found a couple ways that helped me stick to my goal and work towards a fit pregnancy.
  1. Walk – This is your new best friend for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s a cardiovascular exercise so you get your heart pumping. Second, it’s a great way to control the pregnancy weight gain and prevent gestational diabetes. Lastly as you progress through pregnancy you become achy, develop low back pain, sore hips, or even sciatica. When the pain is terrible all you want to do is put your feet up. I suffered from sciatica early on and that’s all I wanted to do, but I made myself get on the floor and stretch and then I’d take a short walk. Walking and moving the body will help reduce common pregnancy pains. Sitting too long can cause you to stiffen up and make your pain worse so if you are working at a desk all day take time every hour to walk around and stretch the body.
  2. Resistance Bands - Perform Better is what I used during my personal workouts, especially in the third trimester, and they’re what I use to train both my pregnant and postpartum Moms. Resistance bands are great because they are lightweight (so you can take them anywhere) and you can get a total-body workout with just one piece of equipment. You can do squats, rows, curls, and even anti-flexion core exercises with them. Bonus - when you’ve had your baby and your going on walks you can toss them in the stroller basket for a quick circuit workout.
  3. High-Waisted Stretch Pants – Finding comfortable clothes to wear during pregnancy can be frustrating; especially workout clothes! As someone who’s is in the fitness space, I live in workout clothes. I have too many leggings and capris for me to count, but during the course of my pregnancy I found certain leggings to be completely uncomfortable. They'd pull down as I walked, dug into my belly, were too tight in the legs - the list goes on, but there were two pairs that I lived in throughout my pregnancy - the Lululemon Align Pant. I can't say enough positive things about them! Yes, they are expensive, but I had a pair prior to my pregnancy and wore them all nine months (and life postpartum) so my investment paid out. And considering how often I have worn them they have stayed in the best condition. What I love about the Align Pant is the fabric “Naked Sensation” and there is no wiring or piping so no digging in to your growing belly! 
  4. Prenatal Vitamins – A “Fit Pregnancy” is not just about exercise, but consuming the right nutrients for you and your growing baby. Your doctor has probably mentioned prenatal vitamins to you at your very first appointment. There are so many wonderful brands on the market and I tried several, but my favorite was MegaFood Baby & Me. No upset stomach, constipation, nausea, or loss of appetite which is common, especially in the first trimester, and what is great is they can be taken on an empty stomach for anyone who has a sensitive tummy during the first trimester. When it comes to the main components of prenatal vitamins (folic acid, iron, calcium, and iodine) this had me covered. 18mg iron, 80mg folate, and 4mg of vitamin B12 with calcium at a lower number per serving so it does not disrupt the iron intake. Of course “results may vary” as everyone is different, but for me I found these to be the best prenatal pills. 
  5. Water – Yes, of course you know hydration is essential to daily life, but when you factor in pregnancy and exercise it’s especially important and something you need to remember. You should hydrate before, during, and after each workout with a goal of consuming 12-13 cups a day. I know that sounds like a lot, it is, and you’ll be running to the bathroom even more, but staying hydrated helps nutrients flow to the baby, reduces common pregnancy issues like constipation, and drinking water in the third trimester prevents dehydration which can lead to preterm labor and contractions. I used a 32oz water bottle and made it my goal to fill it up twice in addition to the other beverages I consumed during the day throughout my pregnancy.

When I reflect back on my pregnancy these are just some of the things that helped me commit to my goal and have an active, fit, healthy, and happy pregnancy. They're what worked for me and I hope some, or all, work for you and help you stay motivated and active. 

Remember to keep moving & keep glowing, Momma! 



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