Top 5 Questions I’m Asked About Trimester Fit Body

When I'm out and about town pitching my business to potential clients I get asked so many questions about Trimester Fit Body. It's natural to want to ask a trainer about their workout methods, where they train, pricing, packages, or how they're different from another trainer or studio. Most times I'm asked the same questions about my business so I thought I'd address the top five for you here, today! 

1. What’s your style of training?

Whether you're a private client or in one of my small-group classes, I structure my sessions to be full-body circuits with exercises that increase your leg strength, improve posture, and build a strong core. Not everyone has the ability (or desire) to hit the gym or their favorite fitness studios multiple times a week. It takes a certain personality, and lifestyle commitment, to move your body every day. When you can workout that often your workout may look more like a split routine, where each day you either focus on cardio or one or two body parts and you exhaust those muscles. Like I said, it takes a dedicated person to spend their free time working on themselves. (That was me pre-baby.) In most cases, if you're pregnant or postpartum, your energetic days are few and your free time is limited which is why I do full body circuits. In case you can only workout one or two times a week with me, I make sure you are strengthening all the muscles of your body.

2. Do you offer small group classes?

I’m not sure why, but lately I’ve been asked this question. Maybe it’s because women feel more motived when they’re working out in a group setting or maybe they just like the social aspect of being part of a class? Either way, I get it and it got me thinking that maybe it’s time to switch things up. By offering small group sessions I’m able to create the social aspect some of you desire, educate and give the personal attention each of you deserve, and create safe, effective challenging routines that keep all you expecting and new Mommas active and strong. 

3. Why are classes so small? 

I limit classes to four women. I want each of you to feel that they are getting the same level of service as if they were in a private session with me. I love educating women on why they should do certain exercises, what they can do to improve posture, alleviate common pregnancy pains or postpartum discomforts, and helping them perfect their form. If classes were larger, I wouldn’t be able to give the personal touch that I want to give each of you. I’d rather have a small class full of women who are training properly, and effectively, than a large class where someone doesn’t have my eyes on them as often. So when you look at my pricing for classes, yes I may be slightly higher than some studios around town, but you get more for it. With Trimester Fit Body classes, you're getting the quality and service of a private session in an intimate small group environment with women who are on the same journey as you. Remember, private training feel with small-group rates. 

4. Are you similar to other Mommy & Me fitness classes or stroller workouts? 

This is one of my most popular questions. In a sense, yes. We both cater to women, some of us train outdoors, and babies/children are absolutely welcome. Where we differ is the equipment and some of the exercises we each incorporate in our sessions. Stroller Strides, for instance, offers a great workout using cardio, bodyweight, and resistance band exercises and with a membership they even give you your own resistance band. That’s pretty nice. With TFB, I like to tell people that I bring the gym to the park. In any session you could be using dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, ankle weights, jump ropes, stability balls, or even bodyweight exercises. Progressions and regressions for each exercise are offered, depending on your fitness level, and I ensure we are working the body in a way to helps you feel tall and strong whether you’re pregnant or postpartum. I’m a big proponent on educating you while we workout. I like to let you know why we are working this specific muscle with this specific exercise, provide tips to alleviate common pregnancy or postpartum discomforts, and provide “homework” so when you leave my sessions you have exercises to do at home to continue strengthening your body and stay active.

5. What if I don’t have a baby/or bump?

No bump. No baby. No worries. I train and shape all women! I love helping all types of women get in shape and live an active healthy life. I just have a focus and speciality in perinatal fitness, so don’t let the company name deter you from working with me. I can provide a customized program for any women looking to get in shape.

Are you pregnant and want to stay committed to fitness? Want a serious workout and be able to bring your baby? Learn more about my services here or go to the MindBody app, search for Trimester Fit Body to view this week's schedule, and book your spot today! If I can answer any more questions that you may have drop me a note at

Have a great week! 


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