Return to strength with confidence.

Body After Baby Series

So you’ve recently given birth and now you’re ready to move your body again.
Awesome Mama!

Before you jump back into your old workout, HIIT class, or heavy cardio sweat sessions lets rebuild your fitness foundation and get you moving the right way in this special 4-week, 8 session series dedicated to postpartum women.

This program is designed so you can really maximize your return to fitness.

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Series Details

Move your body safely and effectively through a strength training program and connect with other new Moms.

This is a closed group setting where women will meet twice weekly and learn the fundamentals of postpartum fitness. Each week’s session will build upon the previous weeks exercises.

Starting with bodyweight and bands and progressing to moderate weights we will focus on breathing, core connection, mobility, form and technique; building up your strength and stamina every class.

This is fun, but you’re here to work!

In the eight sessions, you will:

- Reconnect with your pelvic floor. She's been working overtime the past year. Let's reconnect and give her some love.

- Improve posture and balance. Between months with the bump and breastfeeding we will focus on improving your alignment.

- Strengthen your total body. Let's wake-up your under active muscles and get you feeling stronger all around.

- Learn to move optimally through motherhood. Gain tips and tricks on how to move in a way that supports your diastasis recti, relieve low-back pain, and apply mechanics for carrying groceries and a car seat at the same time.

Your new life will have you moving in ways you didn't think possible.
Let's get you ready!

The Important Details

Dates: February 27 - March 23, 2023

Days: Mondays + Thursdays

Time: 10:45am - 12:00pm

Cost: $199

Mamas, don’t forget between all the baby classes and activities that it’s important to make time for you and your health. Join a supportive, encouraging and fun environment and connect with other amazing women. It’s the new baby group!

Sign-up at the bottom of this page or email Meghan at to book your spot!  

*Baby-friendly environment.
*Diastasis recti and incontinence friendly workouts.